What are adaptogens?

The term was first introduced in 1947 by the Russian scientist NV Lazarev, who has studied how the body’s resistance can be increased to the “adverse effects.” Then this name scientist “awarded” a group of herbal medicines that have a tonic effect on the body – often you can meet these same additives called “tonic.”

Adaptogen – a substance of vegetable or animal origin, which is both tonic and stimulating.

The power of adaptogen is that they help the body adapt to physical (heat, cold, and exercise), chemical (toxins and heavy metals) and biological (bacteria and viruses) types of stress.

How they do it?

Adaptogens act on many levels. They:

  • Increase the ATP level (responsible for energy level) and creatine phosphate (supervisory capacity)
  • Contain strong antioxidants that protect mitochondria, cell membranes, and DNA damage
  • Improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and increases the oxygen supply to tissues
  • Increase the synthesis of proteins and other substances in the body responsible for the “repair damage.”

Adaptogen generally work a little differently than caffeine. At the level of feelings, you will notice that your body will function at optimal levels. And the difference with caffeine is the following: it will seem that this effect comes precisely from you, not from supplements servings. This gives even greater mental strength and emotional stability, because there is certain self-confidence.

How to take them

Though adaptogens and safe – even multiple excess of the therapeutic dose does not cause serious consequences, some precautions to observe all it is worth. Take their best no more than once a day, preferably in the morning. It is also known that a small dose of adaptogens are directly opposed to high dosages. Human response to each adaptogen specific individual, so the recommended dosage is very conditional. For example, a single drop of eleupepokokka can cause “mad” activity, and the other will not work, and a tablespoon of the drug.

Adaptogens should not be used:

  • with increased nervous excitability
  • hypertension
  • myocardial infarction
  • acute infectious diseases
  • fever

In hot weather, you need to be especially careful: adaptogens increase body temperature. Children up to 16 years adaptogens should appoint a doctor just because they accelerate puberty.