Magnum-X is 100% natural product. Formulation of product based on Royal jelly and Long-leaf Eurycoma root both known for their sexual improvement properties.

Royal jelly has a remarkable composition, the research of which has been carried out till now. It contains 67% water, 12.5% protein, 11% simple sugars (monosaccharides) and 6% lipids, mainly fatty acids. It also includes many micro-nutrients, some enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components and vitamins.

Royal jelly for men “works” in the following directions: restores male strength; treats prostatitis, as well as adenoma; rejuvenates the body; gives strength; strengthens muscle tone; heals infertility.

Long-leaf Eurycoma root has the ability to restore and maintain male potency; it positively affects the level in the blood of the male sex hormone testosterone. An increase in the concentration in the blood of testosterone is the guarantor of: a strong and stable libido (sexual desire); prolonged erection; high-quality ejaculate – with a high concentration of spermatozoa.

Composition of these natural products was not used before in line of male enhancement products on the market.
Male enhancement properties of major components mentioned above nourished by Gam-X testosterone support blend created by Gamma Enterprises. This blend contains herbal mix rich with Zinc, Chromium  Magnesium. Zinc and testosterone busters which  guards the prostate from oncology, supports the erectile function, creates conditions for the normal operation of the gonads, and helps to develop quality sperm. Protect against stress, improves the activity of spermatozoa, speeds up metabolism.



Magnum – X produced by Gamma Enterprises belongs to male enhancement line of products. Magnum-X is 100% natural product which reduce intimate problems by eliminating a decreased libido and prolonging erections. This product helps strengthen men’s sexual health maximizing effects on sexual arousal, performance, length of sexual activity and orgasmic feelings.










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